2018 Italy Tuscany


Googoh is an informal name for calling project owner. The determination to register this domain name was considered. However the domain was occupied, but in FEB 2017 with a good luck. Voilà the domain became available, googoh.com was registered since. The website was projected to provide collections of photograph in which taken by project owner. It called Googohgraphy site because of the use of 2 words Googoh and Photography.

2018 Googohgraphy site featured Picturesque and Drone section intending to select preferably photos showcase. There were also private and protected channel available only authenticated access. Later the project created Instagram account with the name Googohgraphy.

2019 the website constantly updated and effort to minimal to photography theme. Blog section was timeline collection, which the photos was uploaded by time and location. The collection of albums were recently categorised to Landscapes, Streets, Footballs and Vector x Logo Design.

2020 the new project has been set and called SELECTED which showcase 12 of the Most Famous Photographs in our website.




N Wangsawatwong

“Don’t worry about the world ending today, it’s already tomorrow in Australia.” – Charles M. Schulz

Instagram feed @googohgraphy